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accesorios para cd y dvd
accesorios para cd y dvd
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PANTRA is a manufacturer and distributor of security EAS and RFID products for libraries, mediatheques and bookshops with electro-magnetic(EM) and RFID systems. Some products are our own models and patents.

In the field of LIBRARY security we supply alarm strips with tails for books and anti-theft alarms for CD/DVDs for EM systems. PANTRA strips are activable/deactivable(on/off) and fully compatible with all electromagnetic(EM) security systems in libraries.

Our RFID security labels for books and CD/DVDs and our USER CARDS are ISO quality, fully compatible with RFID programming and lending systems in libraries. Pantra renews its RFID tags as RFID technology develops new chips with more memory bits and a longer data retention.

PANTRA manufactures a RING for DVD and CD centre hole as an effective ANTI-CRACK SAVER device. We also have developed our own patents for CD/DVD SAFERS for mediatheques and videoclubs, made with anti-shock polycarbonate and a double security device.

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