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accesorios para cd y dvd
accesorios para cd y dvd
Aros AntiRotura CD DVD

When a user, patron or client pulls a DVD out of its box tray in a not correct way, this DVD ends up with a crack from its centre hole and this DVD has to be thrown away.

This is a fact which too many libraries, mediatheques and video-clubs have to cope with. An ANTI-CRACK RING for DVDs WILL SAVE the disc or DVD from getting damaged with all the extra costs this may imply.

Our DVD Anti-crack rings are manufactured with polyester film. For mediatheques with electromagnetic systems we use a metal polyester sheet. And for those mediatheques/libraries with RFID systems we use transparent polyester. Our polyester film supplier is considered the best world supplier. A DVD so reinforced with this ring labels is practically unbreakable.

We also print anti-crack rings with library's or mediatheque's name on it for free. We include a very simple ad useful aluminium CENTRERING device so that anti-crack rings can be easily and quickly applied with precision.

This ring label is protected by our registered model n. MU9902372 and MI123989.

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